How to make sex more romantic?

How to make sex more romantic

Want to learn more on how to make sex more romantic? Do you feel that your current love life isn’t as passionate and exciting as it could be? Would you like to add some spice and excitement to it? There are things you can do to ensure that every time you have sex, it will be an experience you will never forget. Here is how to make sex more romantic:

Relax. If you think that your nerves are starting to get the better of you, take a few deep breaths and relax. The tension and stress of the moment are actually a good thing. You should really focus on this because it allows you to become comfortable with what is going on and decreases any surprises.

Get the romantic involved. If you haven’t been doing this, then it is time that you got over it. Start slow. Start with light touching and then work your way up to more passionate touching. The idea is to build anticipation for the actual act. This builds intimacy and gives you that much-needed boost of energy.

Try new positions. If you aren’t sure how to make sex more romantic, then try some different positions. The only limitation is your imagination!

Explore foreplay. Foreplay is important when it comes to how to make sex more romantic. Men tend to skip foreplay in favor of penetration right away. Women, on the other hand, want to make sure that their man is truly satisfied before they allow themselves to be taken that far.

Share the love. Share your body with your partner. Make it a mutual decision. It will be way more fun if you are in the mood and he is too.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to learn how to make sex more romantic, then practice the art. Get used to the techniques. In the end, it will all come naturally.

Finally, enjoy the experience. This is what truly matters. Remember that you are supposed to be having fun. Enjoy the moment and let love grow with every touch. You can make sex more romantic by simply doing these things.

Take your time. Yes, the idea of rushing things could get some people’s goat, but you have to remember that this is for your own benefit. This is your chance to take you time. So, you need to take advantage of it. This is the best advice on how to make sex more romantic.

Slow down. Yes, it is obvious that you cannot expect to have great sex while your muscles are screaming “stop!” So, slow down. Make love as slowly as possible. Do not speed up when you are already in the middle of an orgasm because it will not only feel bad but it will prevent your lover from reaching his climax.

Use your fingers. Most women love it when a man uses his fingers on them. Of course, there are still other ways on how to make sex more romantic. You can touch her other parts of the body or kiss other parts of her body. The most important thing is to go slowly so as not to hurt your partner.

Share your fantasies. Women love fantasies. So, if you know of a particular sex act that you want to do to her, tell her. She will surely love it and remember it for the rest of her life.

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