Terms the not so small print

After you have made your decision you can make a booking request via phone ((UK) 07494 566968 – the quickest way to know if your dates available), email or use our online booking request form. We will inform you if the date is available as soon as possible. You will then need to pay a £70 non-refundable deposit within 7 days which will secure your booking.

Deposits are to be made by bank transfer, the remaining balance must be made in full, 4 weeks before the booked date. Please be aware that if the sum is not paid in full you may lose your deposit and booking.

Cancellations are rare, luckily, however, sometimes they are unavoidable. We ask that you cancel within 4 weeks to avoid you losing anymore than your deposit.

You will choose when you make your booking between one journey or two. For one journey you will have Belle and her driver for up to 2.5 hours from pick-up, for two journeys we extend this to 4 hours. Anything over and above this time will be charged at £40 per hour. You may want to do this if you would like Belle in your wedding photos; after all she is very pretty!

You will have seen that we have created 3 zones. We are based in Staplefield and the zones/costs have been worked out to reflect petrol use as well as general maintenance costs (see hiring page).

We will use a discreet sat nav to find out where you, your wedding and your reception are. We will also do a route check for any obstructions which may effect the drive on the day. Belle is celebrating her 50th Birthday soon, and she gets a bit nervous around large bumps in the road!

We provide small bottles of mineral water; you never know how dry your mouth will be before that ceremony! We cannot supply alcohol as this would be illegal (boring!) But, if you would like to supply your own fizz, then we can chill it for you in the car.

Belle will take 2 passengers in the back, and if you have a photographer, they may ride in the front, though this can become a squeeze if your dress needs more room (you are always more important than the photographer)!

We operate Belle from March through to November, as she doesn’t like ice, neither do we. However, if your wedding is in the Brighton or Haywards Heath area we may consider winter bookings, if the weather was deemed to be to extreme on the day we would give a full refund, including deposit.

Belle is in very good condition and is looked after with extreme care, however, she was built in 1965. She has breakdown cover, and we will always endeavour to get you to your destination in her. We cannot be held responsible for any traffic jams on the day. In the very rare event that Belle will not start on the day of your wedding, we will try to arrange alternative travel, we know a few people with lovely cars that we can call on.

That’s all, apart from we might take some photos for our website if you don’t mind (if you do, just say, we won’t be offended). We will always share our photos with you if they are good enough.